October 29 cancer birthday horoscope

Monday and Tuesday work well with the energy of work productivity and are opportune days to focus on getting things done before the end of the week when the Moon enters Leo and turns your attention towards romance and love.

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Scorpio, Mercury and Venus are preparing to exit your sign soon, and this can bring some desire to resolve a matter that's weighing on your heart once and for all. Not too fast, however, you may be gathering up a little bit more information in the area of your personal life. There can be some history to go over and it can give you an understanding of what you are dealing with in the area of love. Gemini, the Venus Sun aspect for the next few days opens up the area of work for you, and you can focus on completing projects or digging into analysis if you need to do so.

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Your ability to manage others, if you're in a supervisory role can come with serious thoughtful consideration. There may be changes in the work place that relate to a person needing time off due to a health related problem and others will have to share the work load. Have pets?

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Spending extra time paying attention to them can help reduce stress if you need it. Enjoy longer walks with the dog or spending time snuggling your cat on the couch. Libra, how things are arranged at home or the way that you have your priorities organized can come into focus today during a Moon - Sun trine.

Your desire or needs for flexibility can come easily to you, and you can communicate what you need without much resistance. Aquarius, you can be sharp and astute to what's happening in your world around you today. You may find that your ability to pick up on ideas, perceive what others are doing and how it affects you is sharp today.

The Venus opposition with your ruling planet, Uranus can bring up new matters to consider in the area of love. You'll want to be viewed as playful and fun, but a part of you is really wishing to be productive, maybe even focus more on changes you want to make at work. Saturn opens the door to spiritual healing and closes the door on a problem from the past. Taurus, the changes you feel deep down can be overwhelming powerful. You may feel the change right away when Venus, your ruling planet re-enters Libra and it reopens ideas about the past and gives you a glimpse into the future.

What you see now may not be what it will be down the road, and perhaps that's the great lesson that Venus retrograde is meant to teach you. Virgo, you enjoy a good conversation as much as anyone else, and of course, you don't mind listening to other people share their problems if you can provide a bit of advice.

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There can be some reflection of your own experiences in this week's disclosures, that become apparent when Mercury enters Sagittarius. This week, you may find that you become more familiar with other people's struggles but have to think about the right advice to give before sharing your opinion. Capricorn, your pragmatic and practical side may see things with determined focus this week, and a project that means a lot to you can come to a place of finalization. There's a true feeling of satisfaction that you'll likely want to share with your friends who have shown you support as you struggled along.

This week, you may also realize just how powerful your commitment to completion is.

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Aries, a change in the energy is about to begin in the area of love but also partnerships thanks to Venus retrograde re-entering your 7th. When Mars and Saturn communicate it can be about something close to your heart that's work related. Leo, your energy may be channeling towards matters related to home and family.

But, a new truth can come out about what it all means for you. With the Sun in Scorpio, there are certain things about your family you truly love and enjoy. During this retrograde season, you have gained more insight into yourself and learning about the world around you by looking inward.

October 29 Zodiac: Scorpio

Sagittarius, you have been truly focused on what you need, want and have to have, and it's felt like a super uphill climb. What you may have considered important in the past; however, will start to show new roots, and now, it can seem to lose a little bit of shine for you. Being a Scorpio born on October 29th, your personality is characterized by ambition and passion. Your inner self is defined by your strong passion and drive for success.

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While others may turn away from challenges, you will work tirelessly to conquer all that is standing in between you and your goals. Your inner ambition is often covered by an outer reserved, that remains calm and cool in most situations.

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This unique combination of passion and reserve is greatly admired by your friends and family. Like a powerful river, the influence of water makes you determined and possibly stubborn. Similarly, you are comfortable in the depths of emotion, gaining both understanding and compassion from your experiences.

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