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What I hope to show here is that astrology is not — as astrologers often seem to think — challenged exclusively or even primarily by science, but by the Modern worldview. While I doubt that astrology will be given a better hearing by the more amorphous culture of modernity than [ We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning. The well-known writer and astrologer Reina James, has produced a little gem of a book, reminding us in a humorous and incisive manner, of the most salient characteristics of each sign of the zodiac.

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NOVEMBER 13 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

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David Cochrane — Forecast for Read more They need someone to believe in and someone who believes in them, preferably with a shared cause to fight for so they can rely on one another in a much bigger mission. To truly connect, their heart must be cleansed to the point where they begin to see the beauty in the simplest of contacts and fall in love with one's entirely different personality rather than falling in love with projections and shared images of the future. Loving and supportive, they will learn to embrace shared pain and see connections with their partner as fragile and tender as they are, understanding the value of energies flowing both ways.

Star of David: The Mystical Significance

A person born on the 13th of November typically desires high education and wishes to learn as much as possible about any issue they are involved with. Travel guides and those who expand our horizons, they excel in all beneficiary work and humanitarian approaches, as well as in spreading positive ideas, optimism and faith. They need to care for their own needs first to be able to use their energy for the right cause. Amethyst Cacoxenite is an excellent stone for someone born on November 13th, bringing them healing and spiritual growth they need to get out of their comfort zone and into the adventure they seek.

This is a stone that links all humanity and gives them the sort of support they need attracting contacts and sharing with others in ways that promote similar opinions and goals.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

When choosing a birthday gift for a Scorpio born on the 13th of November, it is good to keep in mind that they often undervalue themselves and leave little time for joyous and pleasurable activities their body craves for. Take them for a day in a spa, take a voucher for a massage or a visit a local gallery. Buy a work of foreign art for their living room and inspire them to go on a new journey by literature or a plane ticket to the destination of their choosing.

If all other options fail, you can always bake a cake and bring something sweet and satisfying to nurture their world of pleasure. Visionaries and missionaries with high moral values, they show others the right direction to follow and share light with many expecting little in return. They are givers with warmth and the ability to find the point of love and balance of their inner world with the outer one. Hiding from their own negative circumstances while trying to get the most out of life, they could idealize and get lost, pointed in too many directions at once.

People with a Grand Cross in the natal horoscope have protection, but too high to conjecture a direct attribution.

Two Triangles in the Star of David

The configuration of aspects formed when points of a chart form a Grand Trine, and two of them sextile a fourth point or points. Uranus is sextile two points in the Grand Trine: Neptune and Jupiter. A Grand Trine alone may not provide enough impetus or challenge to develop the talents inherent in the Grand Trine. Natives with the Kite in their charts are more inclined to put the talents of the Grand Trine into action, hopefully constructively although not necessarily!

Levin state that a Kite gives internal stability, flexibility, and successful realization of abilities. To these are added the aspiration to transform surroundings, early accomplishment, activity, and aggressiveness. The Kite is a big driving force: it combines the abilities and stability of the Grand Trine with the skill inherent in the Bisextile to reap results. Possibly there could be ongoing external problems that require attention, or simply inner discontent.

McEvers suggest that the biggest problem of the Kite is that the configuration comprises three different aspects, and can lead to excessive concentration on part of a chart and, correspondingly, to adverse utilization of other opportunities contained in the natal chart. A configuration of aspects formed when two Grand Trines are present in a horoscope, connected with each other by sextiles. In the ideal case they form a hexagon. As this configuration is very rare, some will consider that a Star of David occurs even with two unconnected Grand Trines. McEvers remark that the Hexagon configuration offers natives exclusive opportunities, and a brilliant ability to communicate with other people.

The danger of a Star of David consists in expenditure of energy, because of the increased many-sided, various interests and the numerous opportunities. Intense hard aspects can help with this difficulty. A configuration of aspects formed by five points of a horoscope, uniformly connected by five quintiles, and by biquintiles.

Figures of this pattern in the natal chart look like a pentagram. In a fifth harmonic chart, all five points of a Pentagram are in conjunction. Globa states that the Pentagram is the strongest configuration operating manifestly and constantly corresponding to the element of Fire. The Pentagram is connected to natural processes of creative regeneration — in the native there is a prerogative to search constantly, there are constantly new events in his life, and he can rectify his life. A configuration of aspects formed by four points of a horoscope: each point is in quintile to one point, in sesqui-quintile tredecile to another, and in opposition to the third.

Globa states that the action of an Envelope is similar to a synthetic rectangle, but at another level. For the native there is a smooth transition from struggle, a choice, break to clearing.

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There are opportunities for searching freely, demonstrating personal initiative, and innovating. Struggle passes smoothly into freedom. A configuration of aspects formed when four points of a horoscope are uniformly connected by three sextiles, with the first and last points in opposition. Globa states that a native having a Trapeze in the radix can gain energy only from within a context of struggle.

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  • The native can take from life only what they have gained, i. In human life, this is more important than the force of creation — but without refusing something, without choosing, the native cannot construct the best future. The person can step aside from the struggle, but this is just a delay, like being in a comfortable prison.

    The Trapeze does not give in a life of protection, and you will not gain from it. At worst a constructed building can fail, if a person has chosen a situation of protection without having prepared and cleared away the foundations. Likewise also in character, firmness can collapse, and calmness and stability can be replaced by hysterical erraticness.

    November 13th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 1

    When the opposition which is in the Trapeze is also included in a T-square, a seemingly strong basis can collapse with a crash. Negus suggests the Trapeze is basically a harmonious configuration demanding some balance. The Trapeze indicates aid from the outside which at critical moments appears in the right place at the right time. The Mystic Rectangle, or Rectangle, is comprised of two opposition aspects, connected with two trine and two sextile aspects. The native can be attracted to important causes. There is a strong chance that the native will put his or her talents to work, or to good use.

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