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At work, the second half of the month can be scattered with conflicts. Fortunately, a prolific and rewarding period is predicted in your personal life. The couple life may be disrupted by everyday issues or unsaid frustrations, disappointments, sadness or coldness in the relationship.

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You are recuperating ground at work, where Mars brings you praise, honor, recognition, and possible promotions. Try not to exaggerate spending money and take care of your health, which is rather fragile.

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You are attracted by mystery more than ever, which delights you until a point. Be careful not to lose contact with the reality and to focus your sexual energy in pertinent direction otherwise, you might suffer.

The Scorpio natives will be really surprised by how rational and logical they become in love. Usually, as instinctual people, the Scorpio natives discover an interest in communicating with their partners, the need to socialize and to evolve. The single natives are going to have a new fervor in finding a partner, leaving any excessive pretensions in the past. You will be overwhelmed by possessiveness, selfishness, and skepticism in your relationship.

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Therefore, you will provoke some real drama, strong emotional charges, and changes that could radically change your future. Control your temper! Sentimentally, the news is not excelling for you in December. Fights and dissensions due to some frustrations that suddenly come out are predicted.

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Out of nowhere, you or your partner are no longer happy with a lot of things, and compromises fail to appear. If you are single, it is possible to meet potential partners, but a long-term relationship is not in sight. You want to make sure the long-term payoff is worth the effort. Love is both tempting and frightening to you.

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Deep down, you long to give yourself fully to that perfect soulmate. When—and if—you surrender to love, you and your mate become one. To get there, you must work through your control issues. Scorpio rules psychology, and a great therapist can be essential for you.

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You also benefit from yoga, meditation, spirituality, or any practice that strengthens you internally and calms your irrational fears. At times, this attitude can make you your own worst enemy.

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