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A basic guide in making personal rites for the Norse Traditional holidays, events, and worship.

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Combines the essential materials of Rune magick, spoken charms and Norse spellcraft into one single book. Runes as archetypes, indicators of personalities, and aspects of the self. Includes the most comprehensive listings of Runic attributes.

Sheil, Thorr: Spellcraft by Candlemagick. A primer in candle magic for the newcomer for mainstream and Norse traditions.

Runic Studies -- Eihwaz

Includes spells, underlying principles, etc. Sheil, Thorr: Spellcraft Problems and Solutions. Tells when and where to use magick, alternatives to spells, and practical ways to take charge of situations. Magickal basics, spiritual and magickal development, Runes, Northern lore, etc. Basic concepts, including full coverage and practical application of polarity, the elements, and other foundation principles. Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost. The process of magickal and spiritual development, including meditation, contemplation, exercises and the making of equipment plus a full explanation and study of magickal forces acting in both the subtle and physical worlds.

Detailed study of the Runes of Scandinavia, Germany and England, their mundane and magickal uses, how they affect the physical as well as subtle realms, plus a complete and detailed study of Norse and German sigils, symbols and holy signs. A study of actual magickal practices, using mental magick, applications of Runes and symbols, natural materials, man-made objects, plus a comprehensive study of divination and of protective and defensive magick.

A look at the Norse and Germanic beliefs about the nature of the world, Divinity, Humanity, Wyrd and other forces, plus a detailed survey of various mythical and legendaruy entities, their inner meaning and their place in the overall scheme of things. Includes a catalog of deities complete with their attributes and other facts necessary to successful worship. A deep look at the inner side of magick, the meaning of spirituality, and the rites and practices which ensure spoiritual development. Includes ethics, practical meditative techniques and other advanced materials.

Sheil, Thorr: The Wizard's Cupboard. Includes instruction on making incenses, baths, etc. Sheil, Thorr: Troubleshooting Magickal Problems.

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A primer in avoiding and handling common problems, including little-known side effects, accidents, and mischief. These are not futhark runes. Simpson , H. Morland, J. Edinburgh: , Swedish Rune Staves; Runes carved into walking sticks with Solstice and solar and star calendar associations. Box , 55 Ontario St.

The author explores the hidden meanings of the runes through myth and magical insight. The journeyer experiences the lessons of each rune in turn, and discovers the depth of wisdom of the old Norse myths along the way. This volume is available alone, or as part of a set with handcrafted wood rune. From Tarahill Designs , P. A companion volume to Raido: the Runic Journey , this pocket-sized booklet serves as a reference guide, a workbook, a journal, and a series of daily rune meditations.

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The booklet includes keywords, imagery, related myths, divinatory meanings, and space for notes for each rune. New Age tripe.

Runic Astrology

By "reverse engineering" from the cultural artifacts of the runes and their residual divinatory meanings, Steffen presents a system of shamanic symbols which meshes well with the cosmologies of modern physics. A full system of meditative and divinatory practice using the runes as archetypal symbols, including graphic mandalas for each rune and its correspondences. Strange book; not recommended.

Runic State. Storms, Godfried:: Anglo-Saxon Magic ,. Strandwold illustrates and translates twenty four Norse runic inscriptions, some containing dates, found in locations stretching from Massachusetts to West Virginia.

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Comes with 25 terra cotta rune stones in bag. While the book illustrates and discusses the runes of the Elder Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc names are used. Not very inaccurate. Out of Print.

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Syversen, Earl: Norse Runic Inscriptions, with their long-forgotten cryptography. Taylor, I. Thompson, Claiborne W. A solid introduction to Elder Futhark runic divination, including instructions on making your own runes. Of Thorsson's "runic trilogy" At the Well of Wyrd, Futhark, and Runelore only the first is written with the novice in mind..

HIghly recommended. Runecaster's Handbook : At the Well of Wyrd. Out of print, but you might find a used copy. One of the better books concerning the magical uses of the runes of the Elder Futhark. While Thorsson has been criticized for relying on interpretative work done by German scholars on the eve of WWII, largely his scholarship is sound.. Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic. Box Smithville, TX It also contains a biography of Thorsson. This is the only book that I know of that discusses the Younger Futhark at any length.

There is also an interesting section on hex-craft. This is not one of Thorsson's better works. There is material for the basis of three different books here. In my opinion, the parts do not fit together particularly well.. Not recommended unless you need something on the Younger Futhark. Northern Magic. Thorsson, Edred: Rune Song. An audiotape and book of phonetic sounds for use in oral rune magick. More advanced rune work in the 24 rune tradition.

Nigel Pennick

Good historical information, descriptions of runes, cosmology, etc. Discusses the history of the runes in the Viking age, the medieval period, and the Nazi revival of runelore. This is the best of Thorsson's books and the one I turn to most often. If I could have only one book on runes, this would be it. Highly recommende. An introduction to the world of the early 20th Century German rune magicians who were responsible for the runic revival and the Armanen runes.

Discusses the Rune Yoga developed by Guido von List. The original course of study and practice used by the Rune-Gild. In addition to the study of runecasting, it includes runic yoga, meditation, talismanic magic, and runic incantations. Only 64 pages, a simple overview. Thin hardcover book with card set. He has travelled extensively in Europe and North America, researching, lecturing and conducting workshops, creating shrines and labyrinths. He founded the Institute of Geomantic Research and later The Library of the European Tradition, which published new research on geomancy and folklore as well as rare archival material from the 19th and early 20th century.

In the late s and early s he organized six geomantic conferences in Cambridge and Royston. Updated on Feb 22, Like Comment Share. Contents The meaning of the runes by nigel pennick The toadman by nigel pennick Early life Scientific Esoteric Runic astrology and geomancy Celts Runes and the northern European tradition Other In German References He is a writer on marine species as well as an occultist and geomancer, artist and illustrator, stained-glass designer and maker, musician and mummer.

The toadman by nigel pennick. Nigel Pennick traces the history and use of subterranea and explores the myths and legends that they have inspired. This panoramic survey includes the legend of the vast tunnel system beneath the Andes, the majestic and awesome Oracle of the Dead at Baiae, Pennick looks at the Holy sites of Britain, and their relation to the Celtic unseen world.

With 64 illustrations. Results Author: Pennick, Nigel. Pennick, Nigel. Buy Now. First US Edition.

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