January 15 aquarius horoscope

Sun Signs: the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

Aquarius is modern and finds routine troublesome and boring. Aquarius will not appreciate the domineering streak in their partner, but will find the solid base that Capricorn provides to be a great support and will be relieved that someone will help them to take care of their personal matters.

Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Saturn is a cool, traditional energy. This planet is very goal-oriented and devoted to progressive thinking.

Love and Compatibility for February 15 Zodiac

Capricorn and Aquarius merge their strengths to Aquarian revolutions or Capricornian social status. Uranus is about all things different and unusual. Capricorn will show Aquarius a life based on organization, rationality and comfort. Aquarius can help Capricorn to dream more and possibly stand up for their beliefs.

Daily Horoscope

Aquarius sees life as an random exploration, while Capricorn looks for a specific result. At times, these two may understand where the other is coming from.


Conflicts can arise in this relationship if Capricorn becomes overly regimented or Aquarius drifts off too often into flights of fancy. Both can be implacable, opinionated and stubborn. Both partners have an intense drive to obtain objects of their desire. Capricorn prefers to generate the ideas and to dole out the assignments. Aquarius is pleased to help Capricorn out if they are given a substantial role. Check the January 15 zodiac description! Aquarius Horoscope today January 15 General: Close.

Love: Close. Money: Close. Health: Close.

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Do's for Aquarius January 15 Tend to a hobby you've left aside! Great time to bake or cook something new!


Assess your finances properly! Go for a spa treatment!

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Don'ts for Aquarius January 15 Avoid unnecessary risks!

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