Scorpio rising vedic astrology

The eyes are piercing and hide promises, full of mystery and lust. The nose can frequently be crooked, and the eyebrows may be representing some nightly bird. The overall appearance of the face is usually quite powerful, and could be more easily described as dangerous than sweet. The muscles are well-shaped and the overall condition of the body appears to be athletic, even if the individual is not exercising. Even when a Scorpio Ascendant person is not beautiful, he still has those dark erotic vibes, luring others to become their sexual prey. As Scorpio is a water sign, it will make the overall presence of a Scorpio Ascendant person liquid.

People with this natal placement will dance in a seductive way, while also will have good athletic abilities mostly because of Mars being the co-ruler of Scorpio.

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Scorpio Ascendant people have this deadly sex-appeal, both fascinating and frightening, which even if it easily attracts may also make fears rise in other individuals. Even the most dominant signs will sense the creeping anxiety of losing a power battle to a Scorpio Ascendant. Dark hair usually prevails in their appearance, combined with dark or green eyes.

In addition, they may frequently choose to wear black clothes, adding power to their deadly look. Women Scorpio Ascendants may use a lot of black eyeliner, to make the eyes even more dangerous. A Scorpio Rising person will adore feeling his body treated by Plutonian energy.

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They will enjoy many types of extremes, as Pluto is the planet of death and transformation. As Scorpio is the most sexual sign, such individuals will have a very heightened libido, and their desires will be rather unquenchable. It is not uncommon for them to have dark fantasies and fetishes, involving pain, role-play, domination or restriction as sexual pleasures.

One way or the other, they still definitely have the most sexually potent Ascendant that a person can have. Natives with their Ascendant in Scorpio will be rather suspicious about other people, and will frequently try to discover lies. They like to be in control of their own body, thus can be inclined to neither drink nor consume substances that can fog their mind.

They do not appear aggressive, but from the first moment they make others understand that in case they are touched, they will sting. Scorpio Rising people do not like intruders in their personal space, and will give the necessary warnings beforehand. Indeed, they will not sting unless provoked, preferring to have everyone at a safe distance.

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They usually develop some kind of paranoia about people and their motives, created by their naturally suspicious character. We should also notice that individuals with a Scorpio Ascendant will be more jealous than other people, while also can develop revengeful behaviors. Passion and love are experienced at a very deep level by such people, and when they get hurt, be sure that they will strike back in some ways. They are very good tacticians and know how to manipulate others.

The Scorpio Ascendant body is governed by Pluto, so it may also experience dysfunctions connected and ruled by the sign and the planet. Scorpio rules our reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, while Pluto is also connected with metabolism and elimination. Always have in mind that any planet present near the Ascendant point will definitely alter both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native.

All About Scorpio Rising Sign & Scorpio Ascendant In Astrology

We could say that in the first 10 degrees of the first house it will have the strongest influence on the Ascendant, while also the last 5 degrees of the 12th house. To understand better your body, your Ego and how they function you should analyze all those planetary influences. This is why knowing your Ascendant does not necessarily mean jumping to correct conclusions about your life. You can use our free natal chart generator , in order to understand better not only your Rising Sign but also any possible planets that are present near it.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to your natal Pluto placement, so that you discover the functions of your chart ruler and how it will affect your life and priorities. Finally, do not forget to read the article about natal Pluto in the 1st house, as it has many similarities to having a Scorpio Rising. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Group , where you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written!

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Scorpio Rising, a Sign of Magnetism

Learn how your comment data is processed. I do look different, more velvet than the cheerleader pretty looks of Libra ascendant… but I am tired of all the sex talk! Scorp ascendant wears the mask, which is why we tend to go into politics or acting. We keep our cards close to our chests.

Scorpio Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

And possibly not even then. We are protective, loyal, fixed in our habits, at times blunt; We do manage to somehow have luxury around us. They can practice internal contemplation, they are shy but have a sense of self-worth. They love to compete and can be violent if angry. The temperament of Scorpions differs from the temperament of a marriage partner; sometimes they can see that their allies were their enemies. They can be sarcastic, impulsive.

They can be sensual, but thanks to their intelligence and spiritual aspirations they make good teachers. Scorpio Rising in the horoscope usually indicates the life expectancy and susceptibility to diseases in childhood. During adolescence they may lose a parent or a teacher.

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Their fate is somehow linked with the people of the lower classes of society as they act as reformers or as entrepreneurs. About Scorpions spoken of as a troubled, able to hidden, mysterious, or illegal activity. Scorpio is associated with water, it gives emotional, receptive nature. This is a brahminical sign,- the intuition and sensitivity to the transcendental, mystical philosophy. Scorpio is controlled by Mars, which indicates the great determination, strength of character and courage.

But Moon in Scorpio weakened and indicates periodic suffering caused by the mental afflictions of loneliness and indecision or lack of confidence.

Vedic Astrology - Lesson 28

Scorpio is secretive, and therefore likes to hide their inner personality and feelings; they can act hypocritically and covertly. They are prone to strong emotions, to selfishness, to envy, vengeful. Scorpions can't take offense and I love to repay, obidevshis them. They are brave, aggressive, sometimes cruel. They have sufficient determination to bring to an end your intentions; sometimes they manifested cruelty and their desire to keep secret their motives and their plans to create powerful enemies.

They gain noticeable weight in commercial activities due to the considerable will power and lack of hesitation to use others and dispose of them. Scorpions have considerable resistance. They are good strategists, able to plan years ahead and bring their plans to completion. They are quick-tempered, like competition, in their present character trait of the owner.

The Scorpions kept secret as their misdeeds and other matters. They usually have dark complexion, hairy body, they are tied to the use of intoxication.

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  8. The classical texts indicate the following qualities: they have big eyes, they suffer due to separation from their parents and teachers, they suffer from diseases during adolescence; they are not honest. They are receptive and perceptive, have the ability to meditate, feel too much, have a strong personality and the ability to control himself. They are hard to change or convince of anything. They have noticeable mental power struggle in the relationship with the mother. Scorpion poetic, sensitive and easily excitable.

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    Their steely glare that susses out any situation before stealthily making a move. admin