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Give love and respect to your partner.

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You should not try to dominate your family members otherwise this will spoil your relationships. You have to give time to let the things settle down. Chances of going to some religious place are on your cards. Health of a family member might disturb your mental peace. Children will also get success in life. They might complete their higher studies in abroad. Cancer Astrology suggests you to keep an eye on notorious activities of your children. You will also take care of your parents, very well. Some issues are likely to raise their head in relations with your siblings.

Your social circle will also increase. Chances of buying a new vehicle or new house are bright. A Solar Eclipse on October 14 shows major and long-term changes in the home and the domestic pattern. Often this signals the sale or purchase of the home or the need to make important repairs and renovations. Short term it is disruptive but long term the result is good. Jupiter's move into your 4th House is basically a happy transit for home life.

Prediction says thatyou may like to live alone in isolation with little interest in worldly affairs. This is the time when you may be trying to find out peace within. This year is not good for children particularly during second half of the year.

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Also take care of the health of children. Your Forecast for express that Health may be an issue this year particularly during second half of the year. Not only for yourself, the health of entire family, should be taken care of. There is possibility of injury during last two months of the year. Also take care of your children. Fever, fatigue and problems related to lower part of the body may be the cause of concern for you. Timely check should be undertaken. Diseases like high blood pressure, chronic problems, joint pains, diabetes and insomnia are likely to create trouble for you.

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Your health graph will go up and down throughout this year. Mental restlessness might affect your performance at workplace. Take rest and spend time with your friends and family to charge you.

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Some seasonal diseases might also affect you. A mere Saturn transit by itself which is what's happening for you this year is not enough to cause disease but it does tend to lower overall vitality and if you get over-tired or ignore your body, you become more susceptible. This is a year for watching your physical energy. For recognising your physical limits and staying within them.

For managing your time and energy in a more efficient way. Simple common sense will prevent many problems. Rest when you're tired. Delegate responsibility wherever possible. Since new burdens and responsibilities are coming to you, there is a need to discern sharply what the true and real ones are. The tendency is to start accepting everything as your responsibility, and this would be wrong though perhaps noble in many cases.

Saturn in your own Sign and 1st House will make you more able to take on disciplined health and dietary regimes. A very good year to lose weight. Pluto in your 6th House of Health is also helping you in that department. Your Health Planet, Jupiter, is going to be in the health conscious Sign of Virgo for most of the year. This too is a positive health signal and it reinforces all the above said. Your Health Planet in the 3rd House until September 25th shows that mental health is a vital factor in physical health.

You need to feed your mind with the right nutrition just as you give your body its right nutrition. It is good now to read the great writers, poets and sacred scriptures of all cultures. The mind feeds on wisdom and truth. Make sure your speech is positive and constructive especially when talking about your body and organs. Always praise them and think nice thoughts about them. Avoid excessive speech, wasteful speech, as this will sap energy needed by the body. Emotional health is always a priority for you but come September 25th, when the Health Planet moves into your 4th house, it becomes even more important.

Chances are, if health problems arise, they come from family or domestic disharmonies. Try to clear up those things before taking drastic action. This is showing many things. A creative hobby, the expression of your personal creativity has positive health benefits. The health of children is a concern. You are as much concerned with their health as with your own but most importantly it shows that joy itself is the great healer and since the tendency this year will be to 'great seriousness', don't forget the joy of life.

Try to enjoy your responsibilities. Try to make them seem like a game.

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Think of life's problems as a crossword puzzle or logic problem to be solved, and think of the satisfaction that comes when you solve a problem. A night out on the town will, in many cases, do as much for you as a visit to a health professional. Predictions for unfolds thatthis year should be considered a good year for the purpose of education. You may be worried that your hard work is yielding no positive results but from October onward you will start getting positive results.

Always be positive. Those who are looking for admission in higher education will get success subject to placement of Jupiter and Mars in the natal chart. The Cancer Horoscope predicts that this year would be an amalgamation of outcomes that come from hard work, persistence, and struggles that you would put in through the entire year. You just need to be ready to face them, however sudden they might be, and not let your emotional being get the better of you.

Saturn is transiting into the sign opposite to Cancer, and hence the hard work would show positive effects only after persistent sincerity at work in The starting of the year would present you with diverse opportunities, as per the Horoscope for Cancer, to give you success, and you should utilize every privilege you get to cash in on the period for your growth and giving your work the required push.

Therefore, control your temperament, try to handle situations with patience, and think before taking the final decision for things. The Astrological Report for Cancer predicts that Rahu would be transiting in your house of income from 23 September , as it would be in its retrograde motion apparent movement of planets in the opposite direction , and this would bring chances of multiple income sources to you as a Cancer native, as per the Cancer Horoscope for Past health issues might rise again, from 14 May to 13 September , so try to be conscious about your health and take the required precautions for treatment, so that you get well soon and are able to come out of the illness.

All of you Cancers who are students, can expect good news and open opportunities for career in , from 18 June to 16 August Therefore, be prepared to utilize these to the best of their scope, so that you are able to get the best possible choice for yourself. From 22 May to 4 May , Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in your birth chart as a Cancer, and therefore, in , you should be careful not to fall prey to anxiety and aggression, which might further lead to you getting depressed and sad, suggests the Cancer Horoscope They develop strong friendship bonds, even with total strangers.

Besides, you can avail Chart your Destiny service, which is based on your Natal Chart and make the most of your inherent abilities to lead a fulfilling life. Individuals with the moon in Cancer can easily fit into the domestic scene and they tend to excel in the art of home decoration, gardening or even cooking. Usually, they prefer to stay at home and may tend to be uncomfortable in new surroundings.

However, the moment they adjust themselves to the new situations, they come in their own elements and become very interesting company. Thus, they are very entertaining and have a calming influence on people due to their skills and rarely lose their cool.

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They are also able to balance their instinct with practicality. Negative Qualities With the moon in Cancer, individuals are extremely moody and sensitive. They may behave unpredictably at times. Such individuals may often feel insecure, and in order to counter this sense of insecurity, they may resort to accumulating things around them. As they are sometimes overly sensitive, they don't forget easily if someone has hurt them and tend to hold on to the grudge for ages while others may have moved on.

Also, they may often feel that nobody can understand them and their feelings. They feel that they are been taken for granted, and don't like to face others directly on this issue. Thus, they may indirectly leave clues and hints about their unhappiness so that they can get hold the attention of others.

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In some instance, they may be quite manipulative. Some of them tend to become over possessive about their partner and have a tendency of bottling up emotions instead of letting them go. They can be very vulnerable and dependent on others. You may also be interested to know more about Cancer Relationship. Also Read Cancer About. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope.

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