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Scorpio Dates. English name: The Archer. Sagittarius Dates. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat. Capricorn Dates. English name: The Water-Bearer.

Astrological Signs and Dates Chart

Aquarius Dates. English name: The Fish.

Pisces Dates. If you were born on one of the cusp dates given above, your sun may be on the very cusp the starting point of one Zodiac sign, or right by the end of the previous sign. You need to check your exact horoscope, because on those dates it depends on what time of day you were born — and in what place. Now, If you were born when the sun was at the very end of a Zodiac sign, you probably have a mixture of that and the next star sign in your character.

The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though.

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A Zodiac sign is its most typical at the part of it decan corresponding to its quality: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Each Zodiac sign is one of the four elements fire, earth, air, and water. So, four elements and three qualities make twelve possible combinations. That corresponds roughly to the first ten days of its period.

That corresponds roughly to the eleventh to twentieth days of its period — i. That corresponds roughly to the twentieth to thirtieth days of its period — i. Gemini: June July Cancer: July Aug.

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Leo: Aug. Virgo: Sept.

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Libra: Oct. Scorpio: Nov. Ophiuchus: Nov. We wish you have the same experience yourself going through our list of free online reports based on birth date astrology.

Each Zodiac Sign's Unique Personality Traits, Explained by an Astrologer

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    Raman K. Khullar Sayan. KP Horary Number A Brief Information: Birth date Astrology predictions are made considering various factors. Here are some predictions that give a holistic picture about an individual's life : Dasha Prediction: Time-duration or "Dasha periods", as the heavenly bodies convey and how they impact you because of their positions and these time periods, the reaction they have on your life, the direction they are bound to propel you in.

    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: If you were born between the dates November 23 - December 22, then you have Sagittarius sign. Capricorn Zodiac Sign: If you were born between the dates December 23 to January 20, you are a capricorn. admin